Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

In the name of following the tradition started by my friend MckMama, I've decided to start participating in the phenomenon that is Not Me! Monday.

Not Me! Monday started as an attempt to forget some of the day-to-day imperfects that everyone experiences and to recant some not-so-lovely moments that we'd all like to forget.

For example, I did not spend all night last night watching the conjoined twins special on TLC instead of doing my homework that I had put off all weekend. It was not me who fell asleep while reading a book (on which I had a paper due today), only to wake up uncomfortably on the couch at 2:30am and stumble clumsily into bed, jeans and all. And I most certainly did not sleep through three alarms this morning, causing me to rush from eight until noon to finish said paper.

That was definitely Not Me!

And this evening, I did not encourage Peder's trip to Verizon to check out the new Droid (which was too expensive, and the keyboard sucks) instead of going to our original destination--studying at Camille's. That was Not Me!

And finally, I definitely did not just write an entire useless blog instead of writing the blog that's due in class. Tomorrow.

Nope. Not Me!


  1. ah yes, to be able to sleep until noon after a late night. that would be nice. tell peder to get an iphone, he knows he wants one. bad. real bad.

  2. You do realize, don't you, that the "not me" phenomenon is a surly bastard offspring of Family Circus? But who would ruin your fun by connecting you (via broken-line arrows) to Billy, Jeffy, and Dolly? Not me!


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